Points to Ponder - Even Dragons Have Their Endings

Today I bring back my wildly popular Points to Ponder postings, That's right. Wildly popular. And necessary, too. Why, I'll bet the world has simply fallen apart since the last time I did this.

1) Masks

I'm so tired of these... things. My ears hurt. My mouth feels yucky. They don't work. And, the latest "benefit" from them is: they're messing up our teeth. 

2) Earth Day

Speaking of masks, happy Earth Day! Yes, I do get a little sarcastic this early in the morning. However, I will point out something. I live a block and a half from work. On average, I see 8 masks on the ground each day on my travels to work. Masks are everywhere. One Facebook friend tells me that a Costco in BC has full time employees hired to sweep up the masks in the parking lot. So, Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Gates, and other private-jet owning globalist elites, if you really loved the earth like you said you did...

3) The Memes of Production!

Nationalize them. For the common good!

Most of you won't get that reference (Charles Coloumbe podcast). However. Here are a couple of funny ones of late:

4) A Mini Rant by Professor Meenan

He's a good man, that Professor John Paul Meenan (of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College). His words are quite measured and balanced. In his latest posting, however, he let loose a little bit. A snippet:

"Oh, to be in Texastyin’ a yellow ribbon ’round an old oak tree, land of freedom and the Alamo!

38 days since dropping Covid restrictions and mask mandates

Full capacity sports – Businesses open – Vaccine passports have been banned – Covid cases down 34% – Covid deaths down 68%

How do you like them apples? Covid zealots – Trudeau, Fauci, et al., – must just hate Texas. They’re free to avoid it, like Thelma and Louise, even it’s a long way around. On that thought, perhaps we should just go our separate ways, the mask-vaxx from the not-so-inclined, and see how things work out, a posteriori. That would certain prove things, empirically, epidemiologically, scientifically – which is what they want, is it not?"

5) Enter Sammons

For his part, editor Eric Sammons has a thoughtful piece at Crisis Magazine today on the jab. Those Catholics who are zealous for the vaccine, and likewise those Catholics who are zealous for every conspiracy theory under the sun, take note. 

The long and short of it is, Catholic bishops need to cool it on, er, "suggesting" that we are obliged to take it.

6) Random Sports Thought

I'm tired of the same NHL teams all playing the same NHL teams. Yes, I love the Original Six glory years. But to recreate such an idea for COVID-Safety is forced and tiresome. And bring back the crowds!

7) Pray

Many people we know need urgent prayers. News of sicknesses and heartbreaking family situations seem to reach our ears daily. Heck, my family needs urgent prayers (it's not fun being denied Holy Communion, especially in these trying times). Let us pray for one another. Somehow or other, God wills our sanctity to come about through these treacherous days. We can trust Him on that. These trials are but a drop in the ocean compared to eternity. And make no mistake about it, these trials will not last forever.

As we read in The Hobbit, "So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings."

The cover photo is of my favourite place on earth, Medicine Lake, Alberta (Near Jasper).


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