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Top 7 Books I Read in 2022

Many books were read in 2022. Some of them were life-changing. Others...horrible. Let's focus on the good. Here are the top 7 books I read in 2022.  Note: The books on this list are just those that I read for the first time in 2022. So no Hobbit , etc. No, I didn't put my books on the list. I'm not that conceited... 7. Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts Ryan Holiday A bit off my usual reading-interest with this first one. However, I published two books in 2022 and, as part of the process, I've had to educate myself on how things work. This book was excellent. The emphasis was on producing quality work that, though maybe not an overnight sensation, has the qualities needed to stand the test of time. 6. Prairie Lion: The Life & Times of Ted Byfield Jonathan Van Maren Of course I grew up seeing copies of The Western Report/Alberta Standard lying around. The highlight was always Ted Byfield's column at the end. However, I really had n

Merry Christmas from Us! (letter and video attached)

Merry Christmas from the Millette Family!  Here is our annual Christmas letter, as well as a bonus video at the end: And, from the grade 5 Christmas Concert I held on Dec. 20... Enjoy!