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Burnout One Year Later

One year ago, on the feast of St. Joseph, I hit publish on my first book. What a thrill that was! And what a ride it's been. Since then I've learned more than I ever thought possible, which is to say, I've probably learned 1% of what there is to know about book writing and publishing. A few takeaways:      - Writing a book is harder than it looks.       - Writing a book is one of the most enjoyable things I know.       - The formatting/cover aspect is like slamming your head against the wall until you pass out. But when you do finally come back to slam your head against the wall again until you pass out.      - Selling a book is the hardest thing to do on the face of the planet.      - Local is best.      - It's all addicting. When July rolled around and I finally had more free time, I jumped into writing a second book. The entire process repeated. More time to immerse myself into a story. More time to create. More time to slam my head against a wall until