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Coming in 2022: My First Novel

  Special Announcement: Yes, the rumours are true. I have been working on a novel, and intend to release it in the spring of 2022! It is a fiction work for the 10-14 age group. The basic plot concerns a day when the internet mysteriously dies, and a boy (and society) must learn how to live again. The topic is close to my heart, given what I’ve seen as a teacher the past 10 years. Stay-tuned in the new year for further details (and to even be a part of my book launch team).

Taking a Jab at the Sport Headlines...

  I just did a super quick browsing of sport headlines for Wed. December 15th. The pro sporting leagues have been pushing the COVID vaccine quite heavily. How's it going for them? Majority of Flames roster now in COVID protocol Predators coach Hynes, 6 players in COVID protocol Bergeron among 16 NHLers to enter protocol Wednesday Sacramento Kings interim coach Alvin Gentry tests positive for COVID-19 Latest updates on the NHL and COVID-19: Postponements, protocols, the Olympics and more Burnley vs Watford: Premier League fixture postponed after visitors hit by Covid outbreak Barcelona's Sergio Aguero announces retirement from football due to heart condition Rams enter NFL's intensive protocols amid COVID-19 outbreak Browns' Baker Mayfield, Kevin Stefanski test positive amid outbreak, 7 NFL teams in enhanced COVID protocol s Believe me, I could've gone on and on... Cover photo from CNN (I know, I know...)

Think Fast Before Christmas

  How many times have you heard "important" clergy and laity in the Church say things like...      The New Evangelization!      We need to accompany people...      How can we stop accompanying people right out of the Church?      How can we get more vocations to the priesthood?      We need to make the Church more relevant...      How come the youth aren't interested? We've made things so easy for them. Do they not realize we have GUITARS , for crying out loud!... We all know that these "important" clergy and laity don't know what the heck they're talking about, nor how to actually fix this mess. But there is good news.  Ahem. The Church does know how to fix this mess. Really, She does.  Take the vocations problem. What are we supposed to do about it? Maybe we could start with Ember Days. As I write this, Advent Ember Days begins (Wed.), and also goes on Friday and Saturday.  What do you do? You fast and pray, particularly for those to be ordained.