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Olympic Equality on Full Display in the Pool

For the first time ever, the Olympic games held a mixed 4x100m relay medley in the pool. This meant that each team had to race two men and two women. They were permitted to align the swimmers in whatever order they chose, based on individual strengths and overall strategy. How interesting. In a sense, you would see the best male swimmers versus the best female swimmers, head to head at various points. The race began, and immediately the countries that started with men raced out to an early lead. The lead was not shocking, but it certainly was not flattering. The men simply powered through the water like sharks. The women, no doubt world class athletes, seemed like Sunday drivers in comparison. In the end, the race evened out, and Great Britain won the gold. It was... entertaining... to say the least. Though somewhat amused, I was also slightly taken aback. Why would the Olympics do this? Why would they showcase just how much faster and stronger the men were? Wasn't that embarrassin

"Where's My Combat Rosary!?!"

It is our first full day on our family vacation. After being imprisoned far too long in our little area due to COVID regulations, we are bursting at the seems to traverse and climb the Rocky Mountains. But first, a night in Drumheller, Alberta. The scenery is stunning, yet we are perhaps too excited to see the mountains to give Drumheller its due respects. Also of note, we are a little rusty at camping. It's been a few years since we went on a major trip. This being the first full day, we are disheveled already, and misplacing items left and right. Never mind. It is morning, and before we pack up the campsite I decide to go for a quick jog. I take out my combat rosary , place it on the picnic table at our site, and head out for some exercise throughout the stunning landscape. What a beautiful place. Alas, I return, and our packing up begins in haste. Soon enough we head into the van, eager to hit the highway. Suddenly I slam on the brakes! "Where's my combat rosary!?!"

Millette Family Vacation 2021 - Two Videos

We just returned from a vacation to the Rocky Mountains. If you wish to tag alongside and see what it was like, check out these two videos!

A Catholic Fairy Tale of Sorts

“Mr. Millette, can you please tell us a story?” asked the students of a grade five class. “You’re just trying to get out of work. Besides, I can’t just think up a story on the spot.” “But you’re so smart!” came the shameless reply. It is alarming how students these days actually think flattery will get them what they want in life. “Oh stop it!” blushed Mr. Millette. “Yeah, I guess I could try... * * * There was once a cheerful grade five class. The teacher loved his students, and his students loved their teacher. Sure, there were problems in the classroom, some of them rather serious, but there was also a sense of hope and belonging. The classroom was a refuge for all, and it was cherished as such. One day the beloved teacher suddenly announced to his class: “I quit. I will no longer be acting as your teacher. Instead I will stay in my tiny office room at the back of the class. From there I will think about you frequently, and might even poke my head out once in a while. I think this