Bishop Thevenot's Parting Shot?

No Holy Communion for us?
This diocese is a dumpster fire. 
Our small parish alone lost over $20,000 last year. Not to mention scores of parishioners. 
Bishop Thevenot is now 75. His replacement has been named already. But alas, he just can't go out quietly.

Here is the text of an email I sent:

Dear Fr. Maurice,

I just saw an April 13th letter you issued which states, among other things, that "No more Holy Communion to be given on the tongue for the time being."

I have three quick questions for you.

1) By what authority does Bishop Thevenot make this assertion? The Church, it seems, is quite clear that he has no authority to forbid the normative manner of receiving Holy Communion. 

2) Can you please show me the data demonstrating that Holy Communion on the tongue has been spreading COVID in our diocese?

3) Further, can you please show me the clear scientific data explaining how Holy Communion on the tongue is far more dangerous than receiving on the hand?


Dan Millette


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