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Any Place but Amazon...

I just released my book, and already I have people asking me if it's available somewhere other than Amazon. Look, I get it. I really do. But I'm not sure how a new author breaks through without first using the medium by which nearly 70% of all books are sold. But again, I get it. Oh do I ever. Let me explain... So my book almost missed my launch date. You see, after I uploaded it, Amazon waited a day, then told me that they would not publish it. My heart jumped out of my chest when I read that. Why? What grave crime had I committed? Let me show you: That's right. See that "J" on Daniel J. Millette? It's too low.  Actually it isn't. The cover was created using Amazon specified software. Then the proof copies came back completely fine. No matter. You don't argue with Amazon. And so, I had a desperate scramble to get a hold of my cover designer (in the Netherlands), and get it revised. I then uploaded the book. After two near sleepless nights, my book fin

My Book, Disconnected, is Now Available

  Disconnected: The Broken Path , is now available on Amazon! This novel is for the 10-14-year-old, and deals with overcoming internet addiction, while learning to live, survive, and even thrive, in the real world. Synopsis: The internet is gone! And now everyone is forced to live in a world that is disconnected. Twelve-year-old Ben Montana had a different life on the internet. His “real” life was found online. He could say and do things there that didn’t matter in person. It was great, and wonderful, and perfectly…miserable. When the internet crashes, and severe hardships arise, thrilling events and trials force Ben into an adventure of real-world survival. In the end, Ben must confront what it truly means to be connected, and what it means to live. Disconnected: The Broken Path  is a stimulating adventure sure to entertain. Full of humor and poignant life-lessons, it is the perfect book for young adults and beyond. In a world absorbed by the internet,  Disconnected: The Broken Path  

An Extra Special St. Joseph's Day: I Just Hit "PUBLISH"

The Feast of St. Joseph has always carried great significance for me. But even more so in recent years. Two years ago it was on March 19th that I finished my last in-person day at school before being sent home. A ridiculous 3.5 month lockdown ensued, followed by another 20.5 months of insanity.  That is, the past two years have been a roller coaster for us. For all of us. I'm not sure how much more my stomach can handle. Nevertheless, St. Joseph has been key to our family's sanity and wellbeing. Now it would take nearly a book-length post to describe what has led up to this year's St. Joseph's day post, but, speaking of books, I will state the obvious: Today I have just clicked "PUBLISH" at Amazon on my book, Disconnected: The Broken Path . NB: Amazon will take up to 72hours to review things, so my book will technically go live on March 22nd. It doesn't seem like much, but writing this book has been a journey filled with great risk and uncertainty. It migh