Welcome to the Author Page of Daniel J. Millette

Welcome to my author page! I have some books and projects I am excited to tell you about, but first, here's a brief history of my author journey.

In university I hated writing. Mostly. I had thousands of words worth of essays to write each week. The expectation was they were to be written in concise, dull, academic language. I understand why. It was just...not much fun. So I would try to add some flair to my essays. I wanted them to be fun, creative, and, hopefully, not drool-inducingly boring. But I distinctly remember one professor commenting on an essay of mine, saying that I needed to stick to the academic (boring) expectation of essays. Sigh. Again, in university I hated writing.

In 2011 my wife Rebecca started a family blog. The purpose was to update family members about our lives (we were moving fulltime to Saskatchewan, and most of her family remains in Ontario). So she started blogging. One day I was like, "What's this?"

"Just a blog of mine," said she, half hiding the screen from my eyes.

I moved my head over and continued to stare at it for a while, then stated, "Maybe I should write for it a bit?"


Thus began my blogging career. In 2018 I started Bravest Thing. Later that year I wrote my first piece for the Catholic website OnePeterFive.

I've enjoyed crafting articles, travel blogs, and everything in between. However, in 2021 I felt ready for the next step, that being writing a novel. I wrote Disconnected: The Broken Path in December 2021, and it was released March 19, 2022. Later in the summer I wrote the sequel, Escape to the Wild, which was released November 1, 2022. Two novels in one year! What a great experience. My favourite part is seeing the reaction of young people after they've read one of my books. Their excitement makes it worth every minute of my time.

So...what next? Good question. Life is busy, as you can imagine with five kids at home, and a fulltime teaching job to boot. But still, I am feeling the tug to write. And not just any tug, but with a tug that feels closer to home.

Long story short, I've been influenced beyond words by the novels of Wendell Berry. How he takes a small town and brings it to life is both fascinating and exhilarating. His writings have had a major influence on me. Well, I can't help shaking the idea of writing Wendell Berry-styled novels, but for ages 10 and up. That's all I will say for now. And yes, I know I'm no Wendell Berry!

In the meantime, back to my novels.

Disconnected: The Broken Path follows a twelve-year-old boy, Ben Montana, who is hopelessly addicted to his phone. Then one day the internet dies. So what, right? Not so fast. The world, the town, and the individual all start to fall apart. It turns out that only by turning to the wisdom of the past can the present be saved.

Escape to the Wild is the sequel. It answers the problem of how the internet shut down. As a result, our hero Ben is led on a wild adventure of escape, survival, and eventual redemption. I loved writing this book. I was able to let loose and let a crazy story unfold.

Both books are available on Amazon. Please purchase a copy or two! I thank you in advance.

Disconnected: The Broken Path

  Escape to the Wild

And my latest series, Adventures of a Misfit!

Also, I do frequently post YouTube videos. They range from vacation posts (marmot fights included) to family outings to...just about anything. Check them out HERE. Be sure to subscribe!

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