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No Apologies - Why Civilization Needs Esolen's Latest Book

Not to brag, but I’m engaged in some high-end professional research right now with someone named John. However, I will let you be privy to the details. You see, a staff washroom at the school I teach at has a toilet not working properly. The handle sticks when you flush it. It’s an easy fix–I’ve checked. Yet it won’t be me who has the honor of restoring this throne to its former glory. I learned my lesson that one time I changed a lightbulb in my classroom and subsequently received a lecture on how that heinous act steals jobs from union members. I practically took food out of the mouths of innocent children by changing that light bulb. Not this time. The union kids will eat well tonight. A company Help Ticket has been requested to fix the toilet. And–here is my research–I am now tracking the days… weeks… months…  before it gets fixed. In this new and improved world of equality and wokeness, just how long does it take for a toilet to get fixed? The question makes my brain swirl. Gr

Now Available! My Latest Book: Escape to the Wild

The moment has finally arrived. It's out there. Yes, my latest book just went live on Amazon. I'm excited for Escape to the Wild. The adventure has been amped up. So too the humour and action. It's Count of Monte Cristo meets Hatchet meets Ma and Pa Kettle meets... Ok, enough chatting. Please consider purchasing a copy (and leaving a stunning review!). Even downloading an e-copy (just 99 cents this week) would be fantastic. Thank you all for the tremendous support! It means the world to me. Some helpful links: Canadian Paperback: Canadian eBook: American Paperback: American eBook: