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A Blast from the Past - The Pirate Song

I had a request to repost a song I wrote once upon a time. I wrote  The Pirate Song  years ago. I seem to remember my little sister Lynda, when she was five years old, wanted me to write a song, and this is what came out. She's turning twenty-five this month! But the song still remains. Here's an original recording done far too many years ago. It's recorded in one of our bedrooms, with an old guitar, a key that is too high for my poor voice, and a few instruments added later for good measure. Here is  The Pirate Song:

My Writing Nightmare

  What do you do when you have a song stuck in your head? You listen to the song, of course. Well, following this logic, I share with you my writing nightmare. The hope is that by recounting it, I will get rid of it. * * * In my dream I am writing a book. It is not a perfect book, but it is a meaningful book - a book that takes a piece out of me.  As I write, the book comes at a heavy price. The time and money required are significant. The setbacks and challenges are overwhelming. Still though, there are inexplicable little blessings along the way. These seem to drive the process forward. I continue to write. Finally the book is finished. I am overjoyed! I run to a bookstore and ask for a table to sell my books. I tell everyone I know about it. "Come over! I have written a book," I say. "Rejoice with me!" And I sit at a table in the centre of the the bookstore... waiting... It is lonely. A few people walk in, but when they see me, they pretend not to notice I am the

Little Children...

Little children. One minute they’re crying because they spilled water on their third shirt of the morning (before 7:30am). The next minute they’re “making” the beds while sweetly singing Immaculate Mary. The next minute they’ve got all the couches moved around for forts. The next minute World War Three erupts over who gets what fort. The next minute they’re politely thanking their mom for giving them breakfast. The next minute they’re running off to their room crying while mom cleans jam off the walls and fridge. The next minute they’re out of the room, wearing only a diaper, while shouting, “I’m a SUMO WRESTLER!” The next minute they’ve got an icepack on their head after having dented a wall with their noggin. The next minute they’re resting on the couch, ripping library books. The next minute they’re kneeling quietly, with hands folded, and saying the most lovable prayer to Jesus that has ever been uttered. There is never a dull minute with little children.

Run for Cover!

So... setbacks. Yes Frankie, I've had a few. (I'm speaking about my upcoming book). Heck, I've even hit rock-bottom once or twice. This week, in fact. Yet somehow this little project keeps plugging along. I'm very thankful and blessed. So many people have supported me throughout. And then there's St. Joseph... it's been him the entire way. 100%. Anyway, here's a little sneak peak of what's to come.  Assuming the setbacks aren't too severe, this will be released later in March. Stay tuned!

Finished and Ready to Go, Sort of...

Sitting in my email inbox right now is a completed - yes, that includes editing, formatting, and cover design - PDF copy of my upcoming book, Disconnected . The book is ready to go out to the world! But not so fast.  Sales and Marketing. Sigh. As I'm told frequently, you don't have to like sales and marketing, but you have to learn it. So for February I must work on priming some ads to various websites, as well preparing a million other promotional items. Having said all that, this PDF copy is just waiting to be sent out to my launch team. I will do so in early March. All I ask in return is for a review on Amazon once my book is published to the world. I have had many join the launch team already. I appreciate this more than I can say. However, there's always room for a few more. In particular, Americans are pure gold for this, thanks to their access to amazon.COM.  If interested, please email Once again, the synopsis of the book is HERE . A brie