Urgent! End of the World Eclipse Coming Next Week!

Last week I was flipping through YouTube looking for something edifying to watch. It was Holy Week, and so I thought a spiritually uplifting talk was in order. Something to inspire. Something to bring peace.

Boy did God have other plans for me!

Instead, what popped up in my feed was an interview by U.S. Grace Force. This is Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry's YouTube channel. In this video they were interviewing Daniel O'Connor about an upcoming solar eclipse.

What they said shocked me to the core. There is an eclipse coming April 8th. It will hit hardest around Texas. More importantly, it will plunge several towns named Ninevah into total darkness. It's so perfect I can hardly believe it all.

But wait, there's more.

As if to add rocket fuel to the fire, there has been a private revelation recently released regarding this event. This private revelation concerns a place in...wait for it... Texas! 

The Sanctus Ranch. A holy name for a holy place, no doubt. Well, the long and short of it all is that God the Father is promising fire and brimstone. Starting April 8th. We now know the time and the hour. And we need to prepare. Yesterday.

Are you ready?

I'm working on it. After prayerfully completing a fast-tracked novena (I did it over nine hours instead of nine days to save time) I have since quit my job. I've also purchases a camper van (should arrive any day now) and a jackery solar power system. I bought extra bullets for my rifle, and have dozens of water jugs stashed away. And if you find there's a shortage of ramen noodles at the grocery store, you know who to blame. Let's just say my family won't be going hungry as the likely end of the world begins on April 8th.

Now the eclipse won't actually hit Saskatchewan. At least not physically. Spiritually, however, is a different story. Spiritually speaking, we're also prepared. Candles are blessed. Holy water is ready. Even our diocesan donation envelopes are pre-filled with cash, waiting to be given each week in the event that something happens to us. 

We're ready.

It's the first day of April. Eight days and counting. 

Are you ready?

Don't say I didn't warn you.




Obvious Apr. 1 post.


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