It's official! My book will be coming out next month! (Updated)


I am beyond excited to announce the publication date for my new book. May 13, the anniversary of the 1st apparition of Fatima, has been selected as the date. Of course it is at Fatima where Our Lady warned of a bishop in white being cut down by arrows, amid a city in desolation. Well the prophecy is being fulfilled. Hence my book.

The book is called Pope Francis Unmasked: Why Schism is the Only Option. It will be published by Sophistry Press. They first approached me in January in relation to a piece I wrote regarding Pope Francis taking the COVID vaccine. In it I surmised that the vaccine was a fulfillment of Fatima concerning the bishop in white being struck with arrows. The piece caught like wildfire, and has led to me expanding on my idea, most especially by explaining how schism will likely be our only option in the coming 12 months. 

I want to thank Bishop Vladimir Skojec, auxiliary bishop of St. Petersburgh, for writing the opening address. And a special shout out to Fr. Peter Kawoneski for the kind words which appear on the back: "This is a timely book. It brings to light Fatima like I've never heard it before. I am now more convinced than ever that the bridge towards schism is not only apparent, but necessary."

Timely indeed. And it can soon be yours! Order now, while supplies last.


Ok, ok. 

No, I have not written a book. Nor do I endorse schism. April Fools, and all that. Time to get back to focusing on Holy Week. God bless.


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