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Urgent! End of the World Eclipse Coming Next Week!

Last week I was flipping through YouTube looking for something edifying to watch. It was Holy Week, and so I thought a spiritually uplifting talk was in order. Something to inspire. Something to bring peace. Boy did God have other plans for me! Instead, what popped up in my feed was an interview by U.S. Grace Force. This is Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry's YouTube channel. In this video they were interviewing Daniel O'Connor about an upcoming solar eclipse. What they said shocked me to the core. There is an eclipse coming April 8th. It will hit hardest around Texas. More importantly, it will plunge several towns named Ninevah into total darkness. It's so perfect I can hardly believe it all. But wait, there's more. As if to add rocket fuel to the fire, there has been a private revelation recently released regarding this event. This private revelation concerns a place in...wait for it... Texas!  The Sanctus Ranch. A holy name for a holy place, no doubt. Well, the long and sho

Why I Hate Little Women

  Some insecure childishness... Background information: Little Women has been my nemesis. I HATE Little Women. Why? A while back, Amazon tightened up the book categories. This has made becoming a bestseller very difficult. I entered most of my books in a Canadian Literature category. Makes sense, no? Just one problem… Little *@%## Women did too! What they have to do with Canadian Literature, you tell me... (Cause I refuse to read that book). Long story short, Little Women is a perennial bestseller. I haven't been able to compete. My wife also tells me there was a Little Women movie released not too long ago. That doesn't help. Sigh. I guess Alcott speaks truth: “Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow…” I live in the shadows of Little Women. But thanks to ALL OF YOU, at least for a short while, Little Women can brood about relationships and such from the outside. Long live the misfit!   I can’t compete against a classic long-term. Not without Divine interven

My Town's Feud out March 6th!

I'm getting excited! The next installment of my Adventures of a Misfit series is set for release on Wednesday, March 6 th ! It’s titled  My Town’s Feud .   Here’s the back cover blurb: “The game went on as expected. Tempers flared. Emotions ran high. A few fist-fights broke out. But enough about the parents…” For homeschooled “misfit” Joey Storthoaks, the game of hockey involves a love-hate relationship. He loves hockey with a burning passion. He also hates his irritating rival, Ryker Hanson, with a resentful rage.  Unfortunately, Joey’s competitive desire is also his downfall, and he soon leads his small town of Saskariver into a fiery, furious, and uproariously funny feud with Ryker’s town of Bigfort. Only this time, the stakes are higher than a humble hockey game. National glory is on the line. Can Joey lead his hometown to triumph? Or will the town feud prove to be the ultimate undoing? One thing is sure: readers, young and old, will  love  this hilarious misfit adventure!

My First SSPX Mass

I do not write to stir up the SSPX/FSSP debate. Nor do I write to raise allegations and threats concerning being  in communion ,  schismatic , or  a   loyal son of the Church . I find doing so tiresome. If a person cannot recognize the Church is in a crisis; if a person thinks it spiritually superior to attend a polka Mass (they still exist, I assure you) over an SSPX Mass; if the mention of Archbishop Lefebvre angers a person more than the deeds of  James Martin  or the writings of  Cardinal Fernandez ; heaven help this person. Lord knows I can’t. If one “gets” what I’m saying, read on. If not, I suggest  this book  instead. It happened this past summer. My wife and I were planning our usual family pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies. Climbing mountains while carrying a kid or two, eating rehydrated chili and peanut butter wraps, all while living like dirtbags in a tent, is the closest experience to heaven I know. Moments to live for. All except for one minor detail. “So,” my wif

The Cleansing of the Classroom

  After a leave from teaching this fall, I returned to work, taking up my customary position as the feared dictator of a grade-five classroom. The physical space is tight this year. Twenty-eight students are crammed so close together…when I have an EA helping, she doesn’t even have a place to sit. Yes, my classroom “needs to be at least three times as big.” So, discipline is a must.   The first day I was so busy laying down the law and making threats, that I didn’t have time to teach. For as Machiavelli wisely states, “it’s better to be feared than loved.” But on the second day, it was time to get busy.   “Silent reading time!” I barked. “And I mean   silent !”   “Aww! Do we   have   to?” echoed a chorus of shrill voices akin to being stoned to death with popcorn.   “Yes!”   “Mr. Millette!” came a challenging voice from the back, “I think I need glasses?”   “Why!?!”   “Because I can’t see any muscles on you!”   Very feared.   That first silent reading session lasted not even five minut