Word of Mouth


My initial two-week book launch is completed. Thank you all for your tremendous support. It means the world to me.

However, things are far from over…

Here’s a little hint of the back-end of selling a book from an indie perspective. You write the book (and get it professionally edited/formatted). Done. Then you release the book with a launch team and try to attain as many Amazon reviews as possible. Done. But then for most authors, you hire ads such as Amazon, BookBub, TheFussyLibrarian, etc. in order to sell as many e-Books as possible. In a sense, they play the market to see which ads work, and which ones tank. I am over-simplifying the process, but you see what I mean. Again, it’s all about the e-Book.

But for me this final step is far different. With a youth novel (again, grown-ups will love it as well), it’s mostly about organic growth with a good ole physical copy of a book. Parents need to trust the authors of books for their kids. So it goes as such: A person reads the book. They tell others about it… And they tell others after that... And libraries get told about it… Then more people find out, and tell others… And so on and so forth. It’s a long, slow process. But it’s also a sustained and upright way to spread the news.

Long story short, I ask all dear readers to pass on, with good old-fashioned word of mouth, news of Disconnected: The Broken Path to your friends/family.

I appreciate the support.


Canada: Disconnected: The Broken Path: Millette, Daniel J.: 9781778052507: Books - Amazon.ca

USA: Amazon.com: Disconnected: The Broken Path: 9781778052507: Millette, Daniel J.: Books


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