Tube-Tipping at the West Edmonton Mall - Danny Story (Episode 5)

My little girl asked for me to make a book about Danny stories - 
real accounts of young Danny and his many childhood adventures.

"Can you tell us a Danny story?" asks my little girl.

I oblige. "Danny was a good little boy, and always very... holy. Except when he wasn't..."

* * *

Every now and then for a summer vacation our family would wind up at the West Edmonton Mall. Actually, the truth is that I would talk non-stop about the Mall until finally, just to shut me up, we would take the trip.

Why the West Edmonton Mall?

The pool, darn it!

I loved that pool. I still love that pool. I used to dream that heaven was going to be having your own hotel room with a waterslide that goes directly to the West Edmonton Mall waterpark. Maybe it will be. 

On one particular trip I was out in the wave pool with some sibling. The waves were crashing over our heads. So too swimmers on tubes. These folks came crashing with the waves, limbs flailing every which way. It is rather dangerous, now that I think of it. Well, as the waves and tubers came crashing over, young Danny had an idea: Wouldn't it be fun to tip over one of these swimmers in their tubes!

New waves came crashing. Danny took a deep breath and ducked underwater. Just then a person on a tube came smashing overhead. Danny pushed up on the tube with all of his might! The tube went splashing far away, as did its occupant! Wow!

Danny's siblings soon joined in the action. A little game started. For every person you tipped over, you got a point. However, if you tipped a person over, and they turned and said "sorry" to you (this is Canada, after all), then you got three points! What fun!

The trip ended. A memorable time was had by all.

* * *

"You did what!!!?" yells my wife, just as I (Danny) conclude the story.

"Um... well... er… it wasn't that bad."

"You're a terrible person!" states the wife, coldly.

"Can we go swimming at the West Edmonton Mall?!" shout the children...


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