Rewire the Child

It was 32 degrees Celsius. For Saskatchewan residents more accustomed to 32 below Celsius, 32 above means unbearable heat. 

I was heading back to school after my lunch break, and couldn't help but notice young children outside playing. They were all dutifully wearing their masks. Faces were red. Sweat was dripping. A general look of pain was in their eyes. I am not exaggerating when I say that.

A fellow teacher came over to chat, "Sure is hot!"

"Sure is. Of course, wearing masks doesn't help," I countered, obviously unable to ever keep my mouth shut.

"Well, it's all good," the teacher replied, her voice suddenly sounding cold.

"It's child abuse. Look at them! How is that good? Child abuse is not all good," I definitively replied. Yes, I obviously cannot keep my mouth shut.

The next day at school, hardly a teacher said a word to me. I guess I got shunned. 

* * *

My wife met a lady at the park. The lady had an 11-day-old baby with her. She shared how the hospital told her to, for 14 days, wear a mask around her baby. Further, she was not to kiss her baby for that time either. The lady shared how her baby had tested positive for COVID antibodies, and had a zero percent risk of anything going wrong.

No kisses for baby. It's not like that matters to their development, right?

* * *

Another lady in town had a baby born last spring at the start of COVID. The lady soon put a mask on her child. The child wears it constantly, even around the house.

Once the baby did not have the mask on. The baby crawled over to where the mask was, and held it over it's face. It cannot live without the mask. 

* * *

A quick response:

“Children are often called our greatest resource, as if they were deposits of tin. But a child is not (just as an adult is not) a lever in an economic machine, a vehicle for commerce, a revenue source for the all-powerful state. He is a human being, made in the image and likeness of God— made, that is, for goodness and truth and beauty.” 


  1. I quit teaching in 2015 at the dawn of the transgender proganda movement. How you survive in commie Canada as a teacher, especially during the covid scamdemic is beyond me.


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