That didn't age well

Let's see how this has aged. 

Remember Covid-19? That's an honest question. I forget about it for months at a time now. But back in the day, it was everything. Actually, getting every man, woman, and child vaccinated was everything. Job firings. Denial of medical care. Can't buy basic items at stores. At one point a poll revealed some truly disgusting results. 27% of Canadians wanted me, or people like me, jailed. 37% said I should be denied medical care. 44% said I should be banned from engaging in public activities.

How did this age?

Since March 2020, I have not missed a single day of work because of Covid-19. Be it from myself or to care for a family member. NOT ONE!

Let's just say the same can't be said of the vaccinated around me. Not by a long shot.

And this doesn't even bring up the many days missed because of the...shot.

Photo taken from Engage Ottawa


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