Subs needed, cause I'm cool, bruh...

I need some subs, bruh. Don't be cringe and just smash the button. Skill issue much? Cries aggressively.

I imagine that's what I sound like with what I'm about to say. That is, I ask/encourage you to do something for me... 

Go to my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE to it.

That's right, I'm now a teenage YouTuber who gauges success in life by likes, subs, and number of comments. Not really. Well, not at all, actually. But it would be helpful to me.

Some recent offerings:

Creating a log bench with the boys:

The ultimate brother-takes-down-brother video: CLICK HERE

Cuteness overload: CLICK HERE

Checking in on two amazing churches:

Fun trip videos: 

And so much more. Cooking, cuteness, bushcraft, exploring... lots of topics.

Sound good? JUST CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Thanks, bruh...


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