The Multi-Million Dollar Question

One question: Who is paying for this Youth Synod in Rome? Presumably this event is not cheap. Surveys. Endless committee work. Flying people in from all over the world. Housing and feeding them. Booking giant conference spaces. More committee work. P.R. costs and considerations. Large scale concerts. Still more committee work. There are millions of dollars at play here. All for a pre-set outcome I believe.

And who is paying for this? The Vatican? I thought they were running deficits. Bishop conferences? I sure hope not. Private donors? Hmmm, sounds like this would lead to certain billionaires paying for set agenda items to pass. One can only wonder. Alas, I am sure I sound like Judas now. "Why spend all this money on a Synod when the money could be given to the poor?" To which some enlightened cardinal at the Vatican will respond: "The poor will always be with us. It is necessary that this money be used to tell the youth what they are supposed to want..."

Photo credit: Def Shepherd


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