Fr. Van Hee Arrested

Eighty-three year old Fr. Tony Van Hee has been arrested for protesting too close to an abortion clinic in Ottawa. Lifesitenews reports that he was arrested around noon on Wednesday.

"'I will fight it on my own and if they fine me, I will not pay it and go to jail,' Fr. Van Hee told LifeSiteNews. 'If they jail me, I will fast.'"

I remember a professor once telling me about "the old priest" in Ottawa who daily protested at parliament hill, that of course being Fr. Van Hee. The professor once said he was with Father Van Hee for one of these sessions. As they were heading back to their vehicle, Fr. Van Hee smashed his knee against the ball hitch of the vehicle. If you've ever done this you'd know it hurts like few other things in the world. Apparently Fr. Van Hee hardly even flinched. The professor told us it was at that point that he knew just how heroic Fr. Van Hee is. He is evidently a man well acquainted with suffering. Please remember him in your prayers.

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