A Mother's Day Update on Life

It is fitting that, on this Mother's Day, I announce we are expecting our fourth child on August 24, 2019. Now a baby always brings great change into one's life. This upcoming baby, it seems, will amplify this principle.

It is no secret to anyone that we have been seeking out the traditional Latin Mass for quite some time. It is a great spiritual treasure which we yearn for each week. It is also no secret that we would love to live on an acreage near Saskatoon, thereby living in close proximity to such a Mass and, dare I say, actual friends. However, what has held us back is the job situation. There are too many teachers, and too few students.

With this, and many other considerations in mind, Becca and I have decided that I will be taking a parental leave covering half of the upcoming school year. The purpose of the leave will be, of course, to help out around the home. However, it will also provide me with time to learn new skills which hopefully will make it easier to land a t…

Acknowledging an Unsung Hero

There is a man who has done heroic unsung work for Catholicism in our country, and soon will be riding off into the proverbial sunset with insufficient fanfare (as I know he prefers). Nonetheless, I consider it just and fitting to give a little extra nod to this man. I speak of Dr. Keith Cassidy, President (and former Academic Dean) of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College (OLSW).

Now Dr. Cassidy was hired as Academic Dean back in 2009. At the time, he had recently “retired” from teaching (University of Guelph). I can imagine D. Cassidy surmising that a few years of labour with OLSW would be a constructive transition into retirement life.

However, with the illness of then President Dr. David Warner, Cassidy was soon thrust into the role of Academic Dean and President.
It is not appropriate to confer details, but as an employee of OLSW at that time, I declare that Dr. Cassidy saved the College. As with many Liberal Arts institutions following the recession of the 2000s, OLSW found itself in gr…

The Hireling Priest

St. Theresa of Avila once said that “behind each priest, there is a demon fighting for his fall.” Indeed, the Catholic priesthood is at the forefront in the battle for souls, and thus priests are particularly scorned by demons. Undeniably, there are many ways for the Enemy to strike at the Catholic priesthood, and thus scatter the flock.

Attacks on the priesthood come from the outside secular realm. For instance, physical assaults, like the knife attack on a priest recently at St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, are possible, if not increasingly probable.

Non-violent, more conceptual, exterior attacks against the priesthood arise from a plethora of modes and maddened hostility; an example being a recent music video by Miley Cyrus with clerics ogling female exotic dancers. It is undeniable that the sickened outside secular “culture” has long targeted the priesthood.

Attacks on the priesthood come from within the Church as well. An infiltration of the Catholic priesthood, as recounted by e…

Be a Man! On What that Really Looks Like

The purpose of this post is not to take shots at the perturbed Fr. Larry Richards, who wrote a book titled Be a Man. Though I do write this with a mind towards those who insist we are "an Easter people" without any real inclination of what that entails, nor the path one must trod to live as such. Rather, let us simply look to Christ to find out what a real man, especially a husband and father, is.

Jesus was laid on a cross. His arms were most likely dislocated as the Roman soldiers stretched them into place. His hands and feet were then nailed to, as St. Alphonsus Ligouri calls, "this infamous gibbet."

Hands are rather delicate, and contain some of the most sensitive nerves in the body. These nerves pass through the wrist. The Romans knew this, and knew how to puncture the palms, into the main core of nerves near the wrist, when crucifying a man. It is said that the burst of pain from this puncture is comparable to a woman giving birth. It is also said, by Cicero, t…

Catholic Brain Teasers

Every morning at school I make a brain teaser for my students. Seeing as I teach at a public school, I never get the opportunity to create Catholic brain teasers.
And so, here are some Catholic brain teasers I made. They concern all things Catholic.


Mystery of the Rosary


Hint: Sacrament


Density x Volume


Mass apparel






1) Crown of Thorns     (Thorin from the Hobbit)
2) Penance
3) Apollinarius Creed
4) Mass    (Density x Volume = Mass)
5) Stole
6) Holy Water
7) St. Thomas Aquinas    (Dumb Ox)
8) Easter 9) Pew
10) Bible (Bye, Bull)

Why Do Some Catholics Fight the Good Fighters?

A guilty pleasure of mine is that I love a good hockey fight. I will blame this barbaric inclination for fisticuffs on my Saskatchewan blood. I particularly enjoy the eruption of an all-out hockey brawl. Gloves fly; all skaters grab a "dance partner"; the teams respectfully work through their animosities. Perhaps this is not the saintly way to solve a disagreement, though I counter that Pope Francis' synods and summits would be far more productive handled the hockey way.

Well it is certain that Holy Mother Church has an epic brawl on her hands. Modernists and faithful Catholics are aggressively fighting for the very future of the Church. Yet as the gloves fly off, a most surreal scene is unfolding: traditional Catholics are battling one another in these blessed fisticuffs. That is, many are deliberately squaring off against their own teammates.

It is perplexing, and cause for great shame. Of particular concern is the rancor, often seen in the comment sections of Catholi…

On Ditching Homeschooling

Unfortunately it was just a little too much to handle. I speak of homeschooling. After three years of homeschooling our oldest child Joseph, our family is worn out and simply cannot go on like this. 

Starting after Easter we will be sending Joseph (age 7) to the public school where I teach. Thankfully I know his soon-to-be teacher, and can confirm that the class has already completed their units on Native Spirituality, Yoga, Diversity in Family Life, and Caring for Mother Earth. Thus it should be smooth sailing for Joseph from now until the end of June, apart from one small unit titled Pink Shirts.

Of course we will supplement Joseph's education at home. I'll be sure to teach him some math at night, and how to write properly (sometimes these skills are not emphasized in schools). I might even have him read from books as well, for he will surely be tired of reading only from Ipads at school (though I think he will come to enjoy, and even crave, having that Ipad in his hand for re…