102 days in between Masses and...

102 days.
From back in March until now, it was exactly 102 days in between Masses at my local parish. It was about as I expected. As I frequently say, “expect the worst, and you won’t be disappointed.”
We arrived the mandatory 15 minutes early to avoid being locked out. The church was allowed up to 30 people (technically more, but I won't get into that). Some people were spaced out, gasp, with one pew separating themselves from others. They were promptly told to move to a gap of two pews before Mass could start. That was pretty awkward.
Mass was 55 minutes long. Approximately 26 minutes of that was chatter about COVID-19 and regulations. At the last second, we discovered that for those wishing to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, the priest was to wear gloves (to go along with his mask). They were super cheap hospital gloves that crinkled and touched the side of the mouth (without the priest knowing it). That’ll have to be the last Holy Communion we receive there for quite some t…

JP - Keepin' it Spiritual

JP hits it out of the park with this one:

Picture Highlights from Bishop McElroy's 2020 Pentecost Mass for all Cultures

Sometimes words are hardly necessary. Behold Bishop McElroy's 2020 Pentecost Mass for all Cultures. He is head of the diocese of San Diego.

Coronavirus - Polishing Teachers and Punishing Priests

Friday, March 13
I remember going to the grocery store that night. It was during the days of the great toilet paper hoarding. Remember those days? As I walked through the store, empty shelves everywhere, I overheard one woman telling another person how much she hated teachers. The lady then looked up and glared at me – I think I taught her niece last year. Later at the checkout I met up with another teacher whom I work with. She was somewhat frazzled. The upcoming coronavirus shutdown, coupled with the anger delved out by so many people in town, was taking its toll. Quite frankly, we were the most hated people in town, and we knew it.

At the time the provincial teachers’ federation had announced sanctions on teacher work time. There was a contract dispute, and this was the response. For me, it meant I had to stop doing recess floor hockey with the students – a hurtful occurrence for the poor students (and myself). The sanctions were tone deaf to the max. Bickering over a contract while…

Trump and I have something in common...

You’ve probably heard about how Twitter has ramped up their censorship on President Donald Trump. It’s almost as though a key election is coming up. For instance:
The censorship has continued now with Trump’s comments about the “thugs” inciting riots in Minnesota. This ramped up censorship is dangerous territory. Farenheit 451 and 1984 are no longer dystopian novels.

 If you are unaware, or unconcerned, by this then I have only two simple words for you: Wake Up! 

On a related note, look what Facebook just greeted me with:

This was a “Valentine’s Day card” I sent to my wife, publicly on Facebook, over FOUR years ago. It was a joke. People laughed. But not Facebook. Apparently Facebook has been going through my posting history and found this as a potential threat to “offline harm”. 

Very ironic, Facebook, that you would feel threatened by references to dictators. I guess it hit too close to home?

Raging over "The Picture"

“The Picture” I speak of is that of a priest baptizing a child with a water gun. A section of the Catholic world blew up after seeing it. Even Fr. Z. had some strong words against it. Yes, I would hope that everyone realises that this picture is staged. At least I’m 99.9% certain the picture is staged (but you never know…).

Two comments on it.

First, from a parent perspective, an infant has a strange effect on fathers and mothers. A parent immediately gains a super-sensitive feeling of protection. Babies are so darn fragile (and cute!), and need extreme fortification. Even a pretend attack can be too much. For example, we have many Nerf guns in our house. Without thinking, we’ve had a child or two jokingly point one of the guns at the baby brother. Also without thinking, I have immediately lashed out, “Don’t point guns at your baby brother!” It’s just an internal parenting instinct. In the above picture there’s a priest pointing a water gun at the baby, while the parents smile. I would …

Bishop Albert Thevenot Updates his Marriage Social Distancing Policy

A suitable subtitle to this is perhaps: blessed are the clean of heart. The updated policy included several explanations on how to clean a church building after someone has entered it. Physically cleanse it, I mean.

The local ordinary for my diocese, Bishop Albert Thevenot, made waves recently by stating that in his diocese a bride and groom had to stay 2 metres apart at weddings (and hence should not get married). Initially I wrote about it at OnePeterFive. However, when Phil Lawler and LifeSiteNews picked up on the story, it exploded.

Bishop Albert has issued an update. Fair is fair, and it behooves me to ensure people know that social distancing for the betrothed is no longer required. Thanks be to God. But first, some highlights from his letter issued May 22:

- “When attending a gathering indoors, you must register upon your arrival. Registration sheets must include printed name, phone number or email address. Remember to bring your own pen.” I think of how the name “Big Brother” a…