The Cleansing of the Classroom

  After a leave from teaching this fall, I returned to work, taking up my customary position as the feared dictator of a grade-five classroom. The physical space is tight this year. Twenty-eight students are crammed so close together…when I have an EA helping, she doesn’t even have a place to sit. Yes, my classroom “needs to be at least three times as big.” So, discipline is a must.   The first day I was so busy laying down the law and making threats, that I didn’t have time to teach. For as Machiavelli wisely states, “it’s better to be feared than loved.” But on the second day, it was time to get busy.   “Silent reading time!” I barked. “And I mean   silent !”   “Aww! Do we   have   to?” echoed a chorus of shrill voices akin to being stoned to death with popcorn.   “Yes!”   “Mr. Millette!” came a challenging voice from the back, “I think I need glasses?”   “Why!?!”   “Because I can’t see any muscles on you!”   Very feared.   That first silent reading session lasted not even five minut

Community Standards at YouTube

YouTube pulled a video of mine for violating community standards. They said the video showed minors engaged in dangerous activity. The video had my 12-year-old son (100% legally) pulling the trigger on a 6.5 Creedmore and killing a deer. My son underwent extensive hunter safety training this year, including over thirty hours of in-class lectures, practice handling and shooting various firearms, ethics training, and a written exam (which he passed with a 98%). He was, by far, the most engaged student in the entire class. I know all this because I took the course with him. The deer he got was a one-shot kill. The deer was young and was living solo. I am certain it wouldn't have survived the winter on its own. We processed all the meat ourselves, and the meat will be used to feed the family this winter. Whatever "community" had its standards violated by this is one that has no touch on reality.

Available Now! My Blasted Town

  Dear friends, I’m thrilled to present to you my latest novel: My Blasted Town . Oh I love it so much! Available now. Read the hilarious adventures of young Joey Storthoaks and his cast of family, friends, cats, moose, chickens, corrupt politicians, bumbling radio personalities, muscle-headed teachers, snappy librarians, clean-shaven friends named Mustache… you get the idea. An explosion has rocked the quirky town of Saskariver! The town’s devious mayor is unwilling to rebuild. But homeschooled 11-year-old Joey Storthoaks, from a large family with an even larger brood of cats, has other plans. He’s willing to save the town…or to at least die trying. That is if he can first get over his “misfit” self. The Adventures of a Misfit series. Ages 9 and Up. Links Canada: USA: “In the style of Richard Peck! Can’t wait to read more.” - Shannon, Mom of Three