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The Why of Writing a Second Novel - Escape to the Wild

Escape to the Wild Ages 10 and Up. 166 pages. Available on Amazon, mid October, 2022. Influences: Wendell Berry, Wilson Rawls, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gary Paulsen, Alexandre Dumas, Ma and Pa Kettle.   The process of writing a book is difficult to explain. I've heard author's use analogies such as "giving birth" to a book. This "bears" some truth. Being pregnant for nine months is difficult, or so I see. When the baby is born, there is much joy. And yet...the work, difficult as it has been for nine months, is really just beginning. There are many blessings and sorrows that follow. It is charming. It is chaos. It is sweet. It is stressful. Let's be honest, babies are louder on the outside versus the inside. And then, when life seems to settle down, guess what? Another baby is on the way. If you can overlook the weirdness of where this analogy is leading, then carry on. This is where I am at right now. I wrote my first book and "gave birth" to it in Mar

Coming in October, 2022...

  Coming in October, 2022. The sequel to Disconnected: The Broken Path. Ben held the spear in both hands in front of him, shaking, terrified, but entirely focused on the bear.   Too focused.   Just then the younger boy who was behind Ben ran out in front and threw himself right at the massive beast. He swung his arms wildly and screamed, “I got ya, Ben! Ahh yea!”   Ben felt sick as he watched the bear wrap itself around the boy, consuming the boy’s very presence and then rolling over onto its backside.   “No! No!” yelled Ben, rushing into the fight. He ran, spear first, ready to puncture the bear, or at least die trying.   Inches before  impact, just before Ben was about to close his eyes and brace for the terror, the boy’s head popped up, and he yelled, “Stop! What ya doin’ that fer?”   Ben froze as the boy jumped up from the bear’s grasp. What on earth was happening?   “Y’all tryin’ to hurt Ben?” scolded the boy.   Ben’s confusion was the size of the bear in front of

That Awful Summer We (All) Had

We decided, somewhat last minute, to take a quick one-night camping trip this weekend. I suppose there are a few reasons why: 1) The school year has already been off to a rough start. Gotta clear my head after just two weeks. 2) Our summer, by and large, was quite difficult. The newborn was colicky, and it made life unbearable at times. 3) When we did finally brave the world and go to the mountains for a crazy week of camping, it was glorious. It should've been a total train wreck. It was the opposite. 4) And now that we know our little guy loves the outdoors so much, we want to get out more in order to make up for the lackluster summer. 5) Oh, and it never hurts to be able to get in a traditional Latin Mass, and see some family/friends. Check out the hiking/camping expedition here: But I really want to "camp out" on point #2. I've heard it from several teachers I work with. And I heard it several times from family and friends this weekend. For far too many people tha