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Fish Crazy

  Check out our epic morning of fishing. Thanks be to God! This felt good after a couple of rough years of not catching much. Tonight...we're eating fish.

Free eBook - Two Days Only

One year ago I was sitting at Tim Hortons writing my adventure/survival novel: Escape to the Wild. Good memories. To celebrate this anniversary, pick up a FREE eBook copy. July 11th and 12th only. Don't forget to leave a stunning review when finished! 😁 - Canada - USA

This Is The Church's Bud Light Moment, But Will Catholics Wake Up?

We all know the story, are made hopeful by the story, are sick of the story. I speak of the Bud Light advertising fiasco. In it they put images of TikTok influencer (I need to take a shower after writing that phrase)  Dylan Mulvaney , dressed as a girl, on a can of Bud Light (formerly the #1 selling U.S. beer). Further, they had Dylan in a bathtub, dressed in lady's gear, blowing bubbles, laughing like a weird narcissist, and being all-together obnoxious.  The result? It was too much. They pushed it too far. "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!" said the common folk, like the scrappy Yosemite Sam rising in the air, higher and higher, with righteous indignation. It turns out targeted boycotts do work. Bud Light crashed. Billions in lost revenue. Dust on the blue boxes everywhere, beer gone stale, poured down the drain where it belongs. A lesson hopefully, maybe, probably not, learned. In my opinion this greatly affected the month of June. Named after o