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Prince Albert Bishop: bride and groom must stay 2 metres apart!

The other day I noted, with anger and sadness, that churches are closed while marijuana shops are open. I believe there is a connection.  Behold a letter from our bishop. Of note: if a bride and groom want to get married, they would need to remain 2 metres apart. Therefore, they should not get married. You hear that engaged couples? 2 metres apart! Always! Even on your wedding day!  Yes, I think you need to be high to understand this. So you now can't get wed, but you can get weed.  Better to join in marriage than burn, says the Bible.  Nope. Better to burn a joint than marry.

Remember when We Believed in Subsidiarity?

Today marks exactly one month since I last went to Mass or confession. It seems like forever ago. I remember how tense everything was. We showed up knowing it was going to be our last Mass. The writing was on the wall. It was a Wednesday night, but I figured there might be a good crowd at the Mass. It would be one last Mass before who knows what. Nope. I guess there were other things to do that night. I was just my family and three other people. Yesterday was also a sad marker. It was supposed to be our eldest child’s first Holy Communion and confirmation. Again, nope. We have no idea when this will happen. I am getting more and more tempted to find a Mass on the “underground railroad” and simply have him receive his first Holy Communion. We like to trumpet the 1992 Catechism whenever convenient. I will do likewise. From CCC 1883: “ The teaching of the Church has elaborated the principle of subsidiarity , according to which ‘a community of a higher order should not in

Susan from the Parish Council Has Risen - Truly?

I once brought my young family to attend a Mass at a retirement home. In all honesty, it was a pitiable sight. Couches were dragged to form a circle, and the few residents in attendance sat mutely while the priest said the Mass on a small table in the center. There was a general aura of unresponsiveness to the Mass, and I half-wondered if at some point one of the residents would simply keel over and give up the ghost. Suddenly, an impressive miracle occurred. At the sign of peace, the elderly attendees burst from their couches, like the paralytic from his mat, and began dancing around the room to shake hands and hug each other. The Spirit-is-a-moving, as they say, and so were they. There is no sickness which the God of active participation cannot remedy. With this in mind, I share the news that Susan from the Parish Council, the mighty womon of whom all priests and men without chests tremble before, has risen from the dead, as we knew she would. “Only the good die young,” says

Book Review: Rules for Retrogrades

Publisher: Tan Books Pages: 151 Released: March, 2020 The Gordon brothers, Timothy and Dave, recently produced their first co-written book: Rules for Retrogrades . The book is titled after their YouTube show - a show discussing current and philosophical topics relating to Catholicism. Tim Gordon is especially known for his prior work with Taylor Marshall on the YouTube show nicknamed TNT. To begin, I admit this book review is the most subjective one I’ve ever done. It is impossible for me to separate personal metacognition and temperament from the discussion. As an example, it should be noted that Rules for Retrogrades was the first book I ever read via a Kindle app. Rules for Retrogrades is also, most likely, the last book I ever read via a Kindle app. I did so to save $20. Never mind. Books should be held, written in, smelled. The experience of Kindle was impoverished, and a disservice to the work of the authors. To the actual book. What is a retrograde? Why does it

Points to Ponder - Corona Easter Time

The coronavirus continues. I suppose in six months from now I will be writing the same thing: The coronavirus continues... Lent has been good. It's always good. The added desolation this year is fitting. It's more the Easter, or lack of pomp and circumstances surrounding Easter, that I fear. But more to that later. 1) Coronatime? I was a little shocked to see that Corona, the watered-down beer which has reached billions of people in free advertising of late, is pausing production. It's not their fault, of course. The Mexican government has shut down all non-essential products. Beer not essential? It sure is in Canada! But not the Eucharist, of course. 2) Grocery Stores I don't get it. No yeast or flour. No toilet paper or spaghetti sauce. Hit and miss with the meat and potatoes. Where is all the food going?  3) Seniors The seniors continue to be out and about in our town. Someone told me that many do not like our approach to the coronavirus. The reason bein

An Important Theory on Who Will Be the Next Pope (Soon)

Recently I got caught in a firestorm on the "Catholic internet" due to an article I wrote at OnePeterFive . In the article I demonstrated that there are fateful conclusions to be had if one believes that Benedict is remains as pope. However, much has happened since that article (namely the coronavirus), and so I later came up with an interesting theory which also is spreading over the "Catholic internet" like, well, a virus. Briefly, as I wrote here  at OnePeterFive, Pope Francis, by his Pachamama idolatry at the October Synod, has brought about God's wrath via the coronavirus. Now as you know, the aged Francis essentially has the use of one lung. Also, the virus has hit the Vatican  recently. The point is, and this is a very real possibility,  the likelihood of Francis contracting the virus is at an all time high - he may not live to see this summer. When he dies, the Church will be unable to call a conclave due to severe travel restrictions. These rest