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If the Church Has Been Infiltrated, The Road to Recovery is Long Indeed

It seems redundant to bemoan that, for over one year now, the Catholic Church has being shaken by unbridled scandals of, what you might call, “inadmissible” conduct. This Hollywood-worthy feature of ecclesial sex, scandal, power, and wealth continues to unfold at a hectic, yet paradoxically boorish, pace. The response from far too many bishops is deviously lethargic – perhaps they are still too “ shocked ” to act properly. Still, the faithful Catholic must persevere in the midst of this scandal infecting Christ’s Church. It is undoubtedly a real and frightful tale of The Good, the Bad and The Ugly : The Good - More Catholics are aware of the scandals, true protagonists such as Archbishop Vigano are fighting bravely, and traditional Catholicism continues as a growing refuge for disenchanted Catholics. The Bad - Far too many Catholics, often termed “ neo-Catholics ”, still ardently defend, or at least excuse, the Pope Francis regime. The Ugly – Despite unceasing