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Bishop Thevenot's Parting Shot?

No Holy Communion for us? This diocese is a dumpster fire.  Our small parish alone lost over $20,000 last year. Not to mention scores of parishioners.  Bishop Thevenot is now 75. His replacement has been named already. But alas, he just can't go out quietly. Here is the text of an email I sent: Dear Fr. Maurice, I just saw an April 13th letter you issued which states, among other things, that "No more Holy Communion to be given on the tongue for the time being." I have three quick questions for you. 1) By what authority does Bishop Thevenot make this assertion? The Church, it seems, is quite clear that he has no authority to forbid the normative manner of receiving Holy Communion.  ( 2020/03/12/communion-in-the- hand-virus/ ). 2) Can you please show me the data demonstrating that Holy Communion on the tongue has been spreading COVID in our diocese? 3) Further, can you please show me the clear scientific data explaining how Holy Communion on t

Every Catholic, Ask Yourself These Questions...

  Ready for a little soul searching? Picking up on Cardinal Newman, the late John Senior asks these questions in The Restoration of Christian Culture   (pp. 58-59): "What would you have lost if the Catholic Faith were false - which it isn't, but supposing it were? How much of your life would have been spent in vain?" I thought about these questions as I read. What came to mind is how virtue is its own reward, and that living a Catholic life has been good either way. I don't see the people I know who chase after high-end vehicles, cabins at the lake, fancy vacations, prestige in their occupation, etc... I don't see them as glowing with joy and peace. One can argue that Catholicism is good, regardless of whether or not it is true (which it is). Am I really missing out that I have more children than what is socially acceptable? Quite the opposite! Am I really at a disadvantage for adhering to the disciplines of the Church? Again, quite the opposite - imagine having a

Meet a Canadian Stigmatist

Did you know that Canada once had a stigmatist in its midst?  On July 11, 1833, Aurelie Caouette was born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. She was a devout girl, and by the age of six her parents saw her floating in prayer towards Jesus in the tabernacle. Alarmed, they consulted their parish priest. The priest remained calm, noting that young Aurelie was a normal child, of good humour, and very pious. In fact, he even permitted Aurelie to receive first Communion early, at the age of nine (the standard age was thirteen then). In 1852 Aurelie received the stigmata. It was mostly hidden, though at various times of the year blood would gush visibly from her head, side, and hands. Later in 1852 Aurelie vowed a life of virginity, and took on the name Catherine. Historian Charles Coloumbe states that she did so in honour of St. Catherine of Sienna, who also suffered the pain of the stigmata (p. 127). However, her biography states that it was actually in honour of the martyr St. Catherine of Alex

It's official! My book will be coming out next month! (Updated)

  I am beyond excited to announce the publication date for my new book. May 13, the anniversary of the 1st apparition of Fatima, has been selected as the date. Of course it is at Fatima where Our Lady warned of a bishop in white being cut down by arrows, amid a city in desolation. Well the prophecy is being fulfilled. Hence my book. The book is called Pope Francis Unmasked: Why Schism is the Only Option . It will be published by Sophistry Press . They first approached me in January in relation to a piece I wrote regarding Pope Francis taking the COVID vaccine. In it I surmised that the vaccine was a fulfillment of Fatima concerning the bishop in white being struck with arrows. The piece caught like wildfire, and has led to me expanding on my idea, most especially by explaining how schism will likely be our only option in the coming 12 months.  I want to thank Bishop Vladimir Skojec, auxiliary bishop of St. Petersburgh, for writing the opening address. And a special shout out to Fr. Pet