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Helping the Family, Practically Speaking

What does the exemplary Catholic family look like? How do its members carry themselves in public? Does the image of the Holy Family authentically radiate from their exhibition of joy and righteousness? Picture this stereotype: a successful father and businessman, his attractive and energetic wife, and their eight wonderful children, entering a large passenger van. The father unhooks the beads from his rear-view mirror and leads the family in a pre-Mass rosary. The children, neat and tidy in noteworthy Mass attire, respond piously to each Hail Mary . Meanwhile, the mother makes one last check of her purse to ensure all necessary Mass booklets, veils, and prayer cards are in order. The father, looking smart with his Mass suit resting flawlessly on his broad shoulders, confidently pulls the van into the church parking lot, and stops the van.  The van is parked crooked. It takes up two parking spots. A car also pulls into the parking lot, but is now forced to occupy a sp

A Mother's Day Update on Life

It is fitting that, on this Mother's Day, I announce we are expecting our fourth child on August 24, 2019. Now a baby always brings great change into one's life. This upcoming baby, it seems, will amplify this principle. It is no secret to anyone that we have been seeking out the traditional Latin Mass for quite some time. It is a great spiritual treasure which we yearn for each week. It is also no secret that we would love to live on an acreage near Saskatoon, thereby living in close proximity to such a Mass and, dare I say, actual friends. However, what has held us back is the job situation. There are too many teachers, and too few students. With this, and many other considerations in mind, Becca and I have decided that I will be taking a parental leave covering half of the upcoming school year. The purpose of the leave will be, of course, to help out around the home. However, it will also provide me with time to learn new skills which hopefully will make it easier t

Acknowledging an Unsung Hero

There is a man who has done heroic unsung work for Catholicism in our country, and soon will be riding off into the proverbial sunset with insufficient fanfare (as I know he prefers). Nonetheless, I consider it just and fitting to give a little extra nod to this man. I speak of Dr. Keith Cassidy, President (and former Academic Dean) of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College (OLSW). Now Dr. Cassidy was hired as Academic Dean back in 2009. At the time, he had recently “retired” from teaching (University of Guelph). I can imagine D. Cassidy surmising that a few years of labour with OLSW would be a constructive transition into retirement life. H owever, with the illness of then President Dr. David Warner, Cassidy was soon thrust into the role of Academic Dean and President. It is not appropriate to confer details, but as an employee of OLSW at that time, I declare that Dr. Cassidy saved the College. As with many Liberal Arts institutions following the recession of the 2000s, OLSW