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Book Review: Infiltration

Printed by Sophia Press Institute Dr. Taylor Marshall's latest novel, Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, was released on May 31st, the traditional celebration of the Queenship of Mary. Due to high demand, my copy did not arrive until recently. The actual book is a quick read, thanks to Marshall's smooth and skillful writing.  Infiltration  examines the Catholic Church from the 1830s until present. Why the 1830s? In the 1830s there was an important Freemasonic document discovered called the  Alta Vendita. Essentially, the Alta Vendita was a game plan, written by Freemasons, on how to infiltrate the Catholic Church. For instance, the Alta Vendita states: "Now then, in order to secure to us a Pope according to our own heart, it is necessary to fashion for that Pope a generation worthy of the kingdom of which we dream. Leave on one side old age and middle life, go to the youth, and, if possible, even to the children." And so, from th

Protesting Fasting and Other Hidden Catholic Treasures

I will begin with a quick flashback. My wife and kids paid a quick visit to some Protestant friends during Holy Week. When I asked how the outing went, my seven-year-old son complained, “Oh, they were eating ice cream when we got there.” I tried encouraging him, saying Easter was near and that we would make up for lost time (and we have). Such is the blessedly balanced life of a Catholic. We fast and we feast. Catholics follow set disciplines, based on Scripture, Tradition (lowercase and capital “t”) and the Magisterium, for the spiritual health of the soul. Nevertheless, seeing these Protestant friends eat ice cream during Holy Week reinforces one unequivocal fact: if I were a Protestant, I would be a terrible Christian. [i] I would be terrible because I would knowingly neglect my Christian duties. For instance, Jesus said to pray and fast (Mt 17:21). I have no idea if those Protestant friends my wife and kids visited fast much. Hopefully they do. But truth be told, if I