My Town's Feud out March 6th!

I'm getting excited! The next installment of my Adventures of a Misfit series is set for release on Wednesday, March 6th! It’s titled My Town’s Feud.


Here’s the back cover blurb:

“The game went on as expected. Tempers flared. Emotions ran high. A few fist-fights broke out. But enough about the parents…”

For homeschooled “misfit” Joey Storthoaks, the game of hockey involves a love-hate relationship. He loves hockey with a burning passion. He also hates his irritating rival, Ryker Hanson, with a resentful rage. 

Unfortunately, Joey’s competitive desire is also his downfall, and he soon leads his small town of Saskariver into a fiery, furious, and uproariously funny feud with Ryker’s town of Bigfort. Only this time, the stakes are higher than a humble hockey game. National glory is on the line.

Can Joey lead his hometown to triumph? Or will the town feud prove to be the ultimate undoing? One thing is sure: readers, young and old, will love this hilarious misfit adventure!


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