A Week in Banff?

What? Another trip to the mountains?

Yes, the rumours are true. We did some stealth camping, so to speak, in Banff. There were many reasons for going, and not going. We had the time, the camping food, and even the leftover $$ from our shortened camping trip earlier in the summer. It doesn't matter either way. I made a decision and we went. Seeing the mountains in the fall has been something I've longed for. It did not disappoint! 

A few quick notes:

- Banff is still busy in shoulder season. Of course it is. So we drove to find hikes with fewer people, including going to Kootenay and Yoho.

- Lake Minnewanka is stunning.

- Leaving at 4am is 110% worth it.

- Calgary invades Banff on weekends. I'm talking miles and miles of cars backed up, trying to enter the park. Glad we were heading the other way at that point.

- I was able to get some key ideas for a novel I'm working on. I'm excited for it!

Enough chatter. Please check out our videos on the trip. Here's the first one:


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