Some Honest Stats Regarding You-Know-What

My town made the news two days ago. Apparently COVID cases are "through the roof" here. Health authorities want everyone in masks again. School start-up might be delayed. The media is saying many nasty things about the un-vaxxed. As one person commented as he entered a store the other day and noticed the fear escalating: "I see we're getting all covidy again."

Can we just press Pause for a second? Let's look at some honest stats from the government website regarding cases in my area:

- My entire North East area has a population of 41,560.

- Since March 2020 there have been 27,001 COVID tests administered.

- 1812 people have tested positive. This means 4% of the population in the past year-and-a-half have caught COVID here.

- 13 people have died of (or with) COVID during this time. This is for all ages. It is for all the 96-year-old grandmas, 57-year-olds morbidly overweight, 62-year-olds with stage 4 cancer, 36-year-olds with asthma... it is for everyone. Therefore, in my area 99.3% of people who have caught COVID have recovered from it. In total, COVID has claimed the lives of 0.03% of the population here.

I'm sure it is worse elsewhere. I don't live elsewhere. I live here, and these are the statistics for here. 


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