The Number One Reason Why Everyone Should Get Vaccinated

No longer shackled by a false religious narrative, the progress of humanity is reaching new heights. The latest affirmation of this progress comes with the COVID vaccine. I do not mean the vaccine itself, but, again, what "comes with" the vaccine.

Get your vaccine everyone. Why? Because they are handing out free stickers, that's why!

Experts are thrilled with this latest development. They say stickers are an effective way to encourage people to get the COVID shot. I am not making this up.

To be honest, Dr. Experts, I would prefer a free soft ice-cream cone. But that's just me. On the other hand, little kids love stickers, and so one could certainly put their COVID sticker on a child to make him/her happy.

And further, to be realistic, it will be the non-vaccinated who will be wearing a sticker shortly. Might I suggest an appropriate one? Perhaps a yellow star?


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