A Recommended Covid-Post by Professor John Paul Meenan


Please read Professor John Paul Meenan's post over at Catholic Insight regarding the short and long-term effects of Covid. Find it HERE.

A brief sample:

"But many – including physicians and health-care workers of all stripes – have been skeptical of the universal masking mandates, as well as the curfews and ‘stay at home’ orders, and their prophylactic efficacy: What do layers of fabric do to stop a virus that is so small it almost obeys the rules of the quantum world? People speak of ‘particularates’ and ‘expectoration’ with solemn and grave tones, as though viruses could vector no other way, when in fact there are any number of ‘other ways’. Anthony Fauci was doubtful of the masks at first – in fact, with all his decades in virology, he claimed masks ineffective, as did just about everyone else, but you could wear them if you want, if doing so made you feel better. Then, he changed his tune, claiming that he only said that because there weren’t enough masks to go around, and, behold, now there are, so ignore what he just said."

I can't help but think of the latest news in Canada. On one hand there will be an article discussing how cases in Canada are dropping dramatically. In the next breath, it's all about this upcoming "third wave". The first and second waves were too tame... but oh the third wave!

How much longer? The ninth wave? Seventeenth wave? Forty-third wave? When is enough, enough? When can my boys serve Mass? When there is no one left to go to Mass? When can we get a throat blessing on St. Blaise's feast day? To say nothing of the obvious question: why can't we get a throat blessing on St. Blaise's feast day? When can children play a hockey game again? When can they see grandma and grandpa? At their "virtual" funeral? 

How many years must we wait? 



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