Trump and I have something in common...

You’ve probably heard about how Twitter has ramped up their censorship on President Donald Trump. It’s almost as though a key election is coming up. For instance:
The censorship has continued now with Trump’s comments about the “thugs” inciting riots in Minnesota. This ramped up censorship is dangerous territory. Farenheit 451 and 1984 are no longer dystopian novels.

 If you are unaware, or unconcerned, by this then I have only two simple words for you: Wake Up! 

On a related note, look what Facebook just greeted me with:

This was a “Valentine’s Day card” I sent to my wife, publicly on Facebook, over FOUR years ago. It was a joke. People laughed. But not Facebook. Apparently Facebook has been going through my posting history and found this as a potential threat to “offline harm”. 

Very ironic, Facebook, that you would feel threatened by references to dictators. I guess it hit too close to home?


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