An Important Theory on Who Will Be the Next Pope (Soon)

Recently I got caught in a firestorm on the "Catholic internet" due to an article I wrote at OnePeterFive. In the article I demonstrated that there are fateful conclusions to be had if one believes that Benedict is remains as pope. However, much has happened since that article (namely the coronavirus), and so I later came up with an interesting theory which also is spreading over the "Catholic internet" like, well, a virus.

Briefly, as I wrote here at OnePeterFive, Pope Francis, by his Pachamama idolatry at the October Synod, has brought about God's wrath via the coronavirus. Now as you know, the aged Francis essentially has the use of one lung. Also, the virus has hit the Vatican recently. The point is, and this is a very real possibility,  the likelihood of Francis contracting the virus is at an all time high - he may not live to see this summer.

When he dies, the Church will be unable to call a conclave due to severe travel restrictions. These restrictions will be in place for a lengthy period of time. Therefore, the Church will be without a pontiff at precisely the worst possible time. The situation would be utterly desperate.

Hence my theory. Canon 332 states that for a pope to actually become a pope, he only "obtains this power from the moment of acceptance." The use of acceptance here refers to universal acceptance by the Church. That is, the People of God accept him as the universal pontiff. Often this happens without our even realizing it. We just... accept the pope! But it is an essential procedure, according to canon law.

Following the universal acceptance doctrine, when there is no pope, nor any hope of "making" one, the People of God can effectively acclaim a pope if there is sufficient universal acceptance. Hence, someone like Pope Gregory the Great was impelled to be pontiff (even requiring approval, or acceptance, by the emperor and his subjects). So what? Well, if there are sufficient Catholics to acclaim and accept a new pope, we could get a backdoor pontiff who actually teaches Catholicism. 

Clearly the optimal choice here is Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

How to get Schnieder to be pope is simple. First, it must be actual Catholics who acclaim him as pope. An easy barometer is to consider that 95% of current Catholics accept birth control. 5% do not. We, the 5%, are the only Catholics who have a valid canonical say in the matter. I propose a petition as the way to achieve this papal acclamation. As part of the petition, options can be for Catholics to click on whether or not they accept all of Church teachings (such as Humanae Vitae). Afterwards, Catholics of good faith should click "Bishop Athanasius Schneider". 

But we need numbers to make this possible! To do this, we need Catholic media and figures to speak out and start spreading the word.

For my part, I was on the Dr. Taylor Marshall show discussing this. He was very interested in the idea, and I think will be an important person to help spread the news. Check out the show here. And remember, there's always hope! God may just use this current coronovirus crisis to save the Church!

UPDATE: I received word from an expert of canon law, her name is April and I think her last name is Fools, that popes cannot be validly elected via a Lifesitenews petition. Back to the drawing board... 


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