It's Not So Much the Slap...

It’s not so much that the woman grabbed onto his arm and seemed to jerk him rather suddenly – though she did seem rather desperate about something.

It’s not so much that the Pope slapped her – though I’ve never seen an old man, even the most ornery, slap a woman before.

It’s not so much that he allegedly called her a b*#$% - though there is an entire website dedicated to his crude sayings (I’m not endorsing the website, hence, no link provided).

It’s not so much the look of anger after he slaps himself free – though it is rather astonishing.

It’s not so much that main Catholic websites, such as, had nothing on the story until after the mainstream media started reporting on it – though hiding troubling papal behaviour is common.

It's not so much the embarrassment we feel as Catholics - though sinners we all are.

It’s this: that the very next day he condemned violence against woman.
Via Crux:

Sigh. Just keep praying for him.


  1. Sir, is there a way to contact you? I noticed you went to O.L Seat of Wisdom on 1PFive. I'm a father of 7 in the States and was hoping to exchange an email or two with you.

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