Top 10 Christmas Shows

A top ten Christmas show list seems like a pointless endeavour. It’s mostly a matter of taste, and I doubt there’s a single person who would agree with all of my selections. For instance, I don’t have any A Christmas Carol productions on my list. I say go read Dickens directly.

However, such a list could, if nothing else, let you know of some good shows you might otherwise not be aware of. And so, here is my list of top ten Christmas shows.

10 – Charlie Brown’s Christmas
The “Hark/Hockey Stick” line alone makes this a classic. 

In my clip I've included, if you watch while Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas, he drops his security blanket (0:34) as he says "fear not."

9 – White Christmas

Cheesy. Overdone. Outdated.

And yet, Danny Kay alone is worth the watch.

8 – Home Improvement Christmas 

This was one of my absolute favourites growing up. Tim Allen is a funny man. The fact that he would set a prime time Christmas TV show around a trip to church seems impossible in 2019. Watch it HERE.

7 – A Garfield Christmas Special

Funny as well. Christmas in the country. With all of the usual stereotypes. 

6 – It’s a Wonderful Life

"You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids?" said every dad, ever, including George Bailey.
I'm looking forward to showing this movie to our own kids this year. Then maybe they'll understand why I always complain about having so many kids. 

5 – Elf

So good news... I saw a dog today. I'm sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies in the VCR. Is maple syrup sugar? Son of a nutcracker! Don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Watch Elf.

4 – A Muppet Family Christmas

Comedy is a theme running throughout this list. One of the funniest of them all is A Muppet Family Christmas. Unfortunately this movie fails in the religious aspect: "Christmas is when you gather with the people you love and you wish each other peace on Earth..." See, even the non-religious agenda is laughable! However, if you turn to Kermit the Frog to learn about the true meaning of Christmas, well, you just shouldn't.

3 – The Bells of St. Mary’s

I know, it's not a Christmas movie! Except for one section in the middle of the movie. One of the funniest, childlike scenes I have ever watched. It's so brilliant and touching, it could only have been made by little children. "And that's all you have to know really." Enjoy:

2 – Home Alone 

Yes, another funny classic. You know what puts this movie over the top for me? John Candy's cameo appearance as Gus Melinski, polka king of the Midwest. 

1 – Mr. Bean’s Christmas

The funniest one of them all. Mr. Bean combines it all... the true meaning of Christmas... humour... childlike innocence... and explosions. And who can forget one of the greatest lines of all time: "Do you have a turkey on?"


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