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Dr. Taylor Marshall's latest novel, Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, was released on May 31st, the traditional celebration of the Queenship of Mary. Due to high demand, my copy did not arrive until recently. The actual book is a quick read, thanks to Marshall's smooth and skillful writing. 

Infiltration examines the Catholic Church from the 1830s until present. Why the 1830s? In the 1830s there was an important Freemasonic document discovered called the Alta Vendita. Essentially, the Alta Vendita was a game plan, written by Freemasons, on how to infiltrate the Catholic Church. For instance, the Alta Vendita states:

"Now then, in order to secure to us a Pope according to our own heart, it is necessary to fashion for that Pope a generation worthy of the kingdom of which we dream. Leave on one side old age and middle life, go to the youth, and, if possible, even to the children."

And so, from this document onward, Marshall tracks the Freemasonic attempt to infiltrate the Church through the past 150+ years. Particular attention is given to Our Lady's messages at Fatima, as well on how each recent Pope has combatted, or aided (in the case of 1958 and up), modernism. If nothing else, Marshall shows that the "Spirit of Vatican II" was not accidental, and that the current crisis is worse than we all could have imagined.

Indeed, Infiltration goes deep in examining the roots of this current Church crisis. The Catholic Church did not simply wake up one morning to discover that Pope Francis was making statements contrary to the faith (e.g. God wills a plurality of religions). Rather, as Marshall demonstrates, Pope Francis is simply the product of several decades worth of behind the scenes workings to infect the Catholic Church from within.

Let's just jump to the main criticisms of Infiltration. It is said that this book is sensationalistic, simply a conspiracy-theory, and that its claims are not cited well. In other words, those who actually believe, as Marshall does, that the Church is deeply infiltrated are wearers of tinfoil hats. However, as I write this the Church is discussing allowing woman deacons, married priests, and is praising an Amazonian tribal culture which still indulges in the murder of children (often by burying the children alive). There have also been more revelations of a clerical sex-abuse network involving bishops and cardinals, and demonic practices involving satanic sexual abuse rituals using a desecrated host (Bernardine, etc). This is just the news within the past two weeks! Indeed, it is clear that the tinfoil hat wearers are those who fail to believe that something is seriously wrong within the Catholic Church.

Marshall has taken a set narrative, that the Church has been infiltrated, and presents very convincing evidence backing his claim. Be it the reporting of financial irregularities of the Vatican Bank from 1970s to present, including all of the "suicides", to tracking the rise of influence of Father Annibale (my father is Baal) Bugnini. and Cardinal Montini (The future Pope Paul VI. Note: You will not think the same of Pope Paul VI after reading this book). 

Infiltration is not lacking in citations, though admittedly some citations must rely on second-hand information. As Bishop Schneider says in the forward of the book, the Vatican didn't exactly open up its secret archives for Marshall to peruse. Ultimately it must be recognized that Infiltration seeks to map out the current crisis using what facts are available.

Take, for example, the examination of St. Gallen's Mafia. This refers to how, in the late 1990s until the election of Pope Francis, an influential group of bishops and cardinals met in the Swiss town of St. Gallen in order to devise a plan to elect Bishop Jorge Bergoglio. Marshall brings all available facts to the table, including St. Gallen's connection to ex-Cardinal McCarrick, its birthplace of noted satanic sexual black-Mass rituals, its connection to communist Russia, and how it was admitted by Cardinal Danneels to be the meeting place to plot the election of Bergoglio. Critics still claim there is not enough hard evidence to attest that St. Gallen is an epicenter of evil. Marshall, on the other hand, makes no claim that he holds all the answers, but rather presents convincing evidence that something is very rotten (i.e. demonic) in the state of St. Gallen.

Infiltration is not the end, but rather the beginning. In it Dr. Taylor Marshall presents a convincing narrative, yet one that is but a starting point to uncovering further the malfeasance within the Church. In other words, he offers a very helpful start, but the story is still by and large unwritten. I highly recommend reading Infiltration as an important and helpful analysis of our current situation. And hopefully, as Dr. Taylor Marshall frequently urges, it will compel the faithful to take up their spiritual weapons (namely the rosary) and fight for the revival of the Church.


  1. Thank you for this review I received via email today. It seems Divine Providence at this time since I have had a conversation with a person on One Peter Five concerning the results of this same subject.

    I invite you to see "For the First Time in 50 Years, a Latin Mass for the Merchant Marine Academy" by Joe Terlisner, and my comments and reply to Richard Malcom. Please stay in touch. I do intend to buy the book.

  2. Dan,
    Your email of this A.M. has seemingly touched off a firestorm for both myself and Fatima Revisited. When I was telling Sr. MOJ of your email, she had an inspiration of ocurances in the book "Windswept House".

    Have gone back and read the first 3-4 pages of "Windswept House", which, by the way I have already read the whole book 4 or 5 times, the events depicted begin in 1957 with Pius XII; and the next scenario is Roncalli, the Freemason (have seen documentation of the Grand Master of France to his brother in the "craft" congratulating Roncalli in his "enthronement" in the Papacy). In this first scenario, Roncalli is telling a group why he cannot and will not consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

    The next scenario in the book is dated 1963 and it's an account of "the enthronement of the fallen angel, Lucifer was effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel (the Chapel of St. Paul at the Vatican ... what an in-your-face to God) on June 29, 1963" ... Your email was dated June 29.

    I couldn't help but think of the account of Mr. Marshall's speaking of the Sank Gallen Mafia meeting to see how to elect Bergoglio and the parallel of this enthronement which included Catholic Cardinals taking part in it as perhaps, in reality, a similar meeting. Did Roncalli also have ties to satanism? Are not the Freemasonry vows in league with Lucifer?

    I know that there is also a description of a clandestine meeting between the One World government leaders and this Roman Phalanx of Cardinals and the two major subjects of the meeting were how to get rid of the Papacy, itself, and the "Slavic Pope" who was on the throne at the time (the late 70's) in preparation for the "Prevailing Time" when Lucifer and his human cohort would rule the Catholic Church and, therefore, the world. ... Is this what Ratzinger, Bergoglio, et al are aiming for at this time, in preparation for Lucifer's rule? I am not wearing my tin hat, and I don't believe in coincidence. God is in control of all!

    There is just too much similarity in the first couple of paragraphs of your email about the book and these first few chapters of "Windswept House", even to the timing of years. If you have the book "Windswept House", please check out what I am saying and see for yourself. We would like to hear your reaction, please. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Your brother and sister in Christ,
    John John II and Fatima Revisited


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