Community Standards at YouTube

YouTube pulled a video of mine for violating community standards. They said the video showed minors engaged in dangerous activity.

The video had my 12-year-old son (100% legally) pulling the trigger on a 6.5 Creedmore and killing a deer.
My son underwent extensive hunter safety training this year, including over thirty hours of in-class lectures, practice handling and shooting various firearms, ethics training, and a written exam (which he passed with a 98%). He was, by far, the most engaged student in the entire class. I know all this because I took the course with him.
The deer he got was a one-shot kill. The deer was young and was living solo. I am certain it wouldn't have survived the winter on its own. We processed all the meat ourselves, and the meat will be used to feed the family this winter.
Whatever "community" had its standards violated by this is one that has no touch on reality.


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