Available Now! My Blasted Town


Dear friends, I’m thrilled to present to you my latest novel: My Blasted Town. Oh I love it so much!
Available now. Read the hilarious adventures of young Joey Storthoaks and his cast of family, friends, cats, moose, chickens, corrupt politicians, bumbling radio personalities, muscle-headed teachers, snappy librarians, clean-shaven friends named Mustache… you get the idea.
An explosion has rocked the quirky town of Saskariver! The town’s devious mayor is unwilling to rebuild. But homeschooled 11-year-old Joey Storthoaks, from a large family with an even larger brood of cats, has other plans. He’s willing to save the town…or to at least die trying. That is if he can first get over his “misfit” self.

The Adventures of a Misfit series.

Ages 9 and Up.

“In the style of Richard Peck! Can’t wait to read more.”
- Shannon, Mom of Three


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