My Writing Nightmare


What do you do when you have a song stuck in your head? You listen to the song, of course. Well, following this logic, I share with you my writing nightmare. The hope is that by recounting it, I will get rid of it.

* * *

In my dream I am writing a book. It is not a perfect book, but it is a meaningful book - a book that takes a piece out of me. 

As I write, the book comes at a heavy price. The time and money required are significant. The setbacks and challenges are overwhelming. Still though, there are inexplicable little blessings along the way. These seem to drive the process forward. I continue to write.

Finally the book is finished. I am overjoyed! I run to a bookstore and ask for a table to sell my books. I tell everyone I know about it. "Come over! I have written a book," I say. "Rejoice with me!"

And I sit at a table in the centre of the the bookstore... waiting...

It is lonely. A few people walk in, but when they see me, they pretend not to notice I am there. They do not want to be dragged into my awkward proceedings - my awkward life. I sit there. Alone. Alone...

Finally someone walks into the store and acknowledges me. Of course, it is my old high school nemesis. He beelines it right over to my table. Then he points down to the stack of unsold books, smirks at me, and says, "See, I told you that you'd never amount to anything."

And then I wake up.

* * * 

There, I said it. Now the story will surely leave my head!



  1. Next time this nightmare occurs, change the ending.
    I will be there and I will bring my three beautiful daughters and a popcorn machine.
    The smell of fresh popped popcorn will attract attention, then those in store and outside will notice the beautiful people hanging around and will flock your book table. Everyone will be very interested in your new book and you will not have any left over when your nemesis arrives. He'll see you, then the beautiful women, and will approach the table. He will be very impressed and will apologize for being such a d**k to you in high school. Your book will appear on the Amazon and Goodreads top 10 list. The nightmare ends with you going back to your computer to start the tough burden of writing another book.
    Love your blog! I've forwarded some of your work to my son-in-law who is finding his life as a teacher very challenging.
    May God bless you!


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