Finished and Ready to Go, Sort of...

Sitting in my email inbox right now is a completed - yes, that includes editing, formatting, and cover design - PDF copy of my upcoming book, Disconnected. The book is ready to go out to the world!

But not so fast. 

Sales and Marketing. Sigh. As I'm told frequently, you don't have to like sales and marketing, but you have to learn it. So for February I must work on priming some ads to various websites, as well preparing a million other promotional items.

Having said all that, this PDF copy is just waiting to be sent out to my launch team. I will do so in early March. All I ask in return is for a review on Amazon once my book is published to the world. I have had many join the launch team already. I appreciate this more than I can say. However, there's always room for a few more. In particular, Americans are pure gold for this, thanks to their access to amazon.COM. 

If interested, please email

Once again, the synopsis of the book is HERE.

A brief excerpt is HERE.

Thank you all!


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