Why Should I Rush to Get the Vaccine?


Perhaps someone out there smarter than I am (there are a few, believe it or not) can explain to me why I should be rushing to get the vaccine. I am a healthy man in my thirties. I have a 99-point-whatever chance of surviving COVID. Even if I were to assume that the vaccine was perfectly healthy, moral, and effective (which I don't believe it is on any of those points), it still would be rather a useless jab to the arm. All of this to increase my likelihood of survival by what... point-one percent? 

Or, one may say, this is all to protect others. As though their own vaccine won't protect them at all. To which I again wonder what the point of the vaccine is? Sporting leagues are talking about vaccine passports to watch their games. Only the jabbed may enter, though they will still need to wear masks and follow proper protocol... which again makes no sense. I am having a hard time understanding the logic of it all. 

Please someone smarter than I, tell me why I should be rushing to take the jab. Two caveats:

 1) You must use sound reasoning. 

2) Fear of government imposed consequences is not a sufficient argument.


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