Limited Covid Gatherings - They Make Me Sick

The province of Saskatchewan recently announced a temporary measure to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The new rule is that there can be no private gatherings of more than ten people. Ten is max. However, if you have more than ten people in your immediate family, they've graciously allowed all to stay under the same roof. So no, such families will not have to choose their least favourite child.

It is more of the same - completely brainless and illogical. It is unreal.

Are you in favour of this? Fine. But then you must also be begging the government to shut down schools.

I teach a small class of twenty students. Every day I am in close contact with twenty different households. And who are those students in contact with? One student is on a provincial hockey team. That's 15 other households from across the province. Another is on a provincial baseball team. Same with him. And so on and so forth. I estimate my daily contact with students pushes me in the realm of contact with 200 different families, at least. Probably it is far greater, once we add in the contacts of parents.

"Oh, but the students wear masks!" one might cry. Yes, they were masks. They wear masks and then touch their face an average of three times per minute. Then they touch papers for work, door knobs, taps, desks, and you-don't-want-to-know-what-else. They then take their masks off for snacking and lunch. Same too for recess and phys ed. Sometimes students are caught sharing markers. Sometimes students are caught sharing masks (not in my class... yet). Sometimes students have dreadful hygiene. Sometimes students throw up all over their desk and floor (like yesterday). Sometimes students act like kids and not robots. 

I face this each and every day. I'm glad to do it. But when I go home and am told not to take my family to meet a family of five... for my own safety? It is unreal.

And I'm sick of it.


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