COVID Coping

I suppose we all cope in different ways. The stress of COVID-19 surely brings out the best, and worst, of us. Here are a few observations:

To those saying that the pandemic is nothing to worry about because it only kills the elderly – I rather like elderly people, and would be quite sad if the older crowd at my parish suddenly died off.

Having said that, to the old people of whom we truly want to protect from this virus, at the point of shutting down our work and schools and crushing our economy– if you could stop being out and about on the town en masse, that’d be great. Seriously, there are old people everywhere.

To the students at my school who cried at suddenly being torn away from their school, teachers, and in many cases, only safe haven – we don’t understand this either. I wish I was allowed to teach you about Jesus. Keep your chins up.

To the parents thrown into the world of homeschooling – good luck! No, I mean that. Just be careful when posting your organized and awesome school plans for the rest of the world to see. To those stressed out, it will come off as passive aggressive.

To the local man who decided to rip all teachers publicly, stating that they are using the coronavirus hoax to get more time off from teaching – you are in a dark, dark place to say such things.

To the bishops who have banned all public Masses – I don’t hold it against you, and I will be obedient (like I have a choice). However, it is incomprehensible to be locked out of the church, and at the same time be permitted to go to the grocery store and pick through apples and broccoli with everyone else, and then buy a coffee from Tim Hortons.

To the Italian priest who printed selfies of his congregation and placed the pictures on his church pews before saying Mass – sentimentality is perhaps comforting, but not efficacious. Please take this opportunity to experience saying Mass Ad Orientem.

To the Institute of Christ the King – I’m loving your daily live-streamed Masses. Especially the ones from Limerick, Ireland. Once again, I get to hang out with my dear friend, Fr. Joseph Heppelle, every day. Only he doesn’t know it.

To the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who signed legendary quarterback Tom Brady, and then promptly raised ticket prices by 15% - so there’s this thing called a global pandemic happening right now. And people are going to go broke. And many people are stressed out. And… sigh, never mind.

To those optimists who are quick to remind us that God will brings much good from this pandemic – you are so right. Just remember though, we’ve only just begun. Things will get far worse before they get better.

To the toilet paper hoarders – I hope your investment turns worthwhile. By that I mean I hope you get a serious case of diarrhea. Seriously.

To everyone reading this – hang in there! "Be still, and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10.


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