Fish Crazy


Check out our epic morning of fishing. Thanks be to God! This felt good after a couple of rough years of not catching much.

Tonight...we're eating fish.


  1. Mr Millet: Just a response to your story about your grandmother and your fears for the Church vs. children: All is not lost, truly. Our parish is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a diabolically self absorbed archbishop bankrupted the archdiocese (paying off a lawsuit from a former boyfriend.)But after he left, two good archbishops replaced him. They arranged for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest, to take over an old church. You wouldn't believe the difference! There are now over 1000 people in our congregation; deafening with small children and babies, mostly young people, including young men. The congregation is not managed by "nunnies" in
    pansuits but men, there are more than 30 boys among our altar servers, and, of course, the Mass is in Latin. Pure, unadalturated Gospel taught, Glorious! We have a wonderful priest and other priests constantly offering their assistance at Mass. We are the future. Don't worry. Jesus still rules--in spite of Satan's constant machinations. Trust in our dear Lord, and rejoice in Him.


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