The Evolution of Synods

First, as brought to my attention on Facebook by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (h/t Fr. Z):

"The Vatican has released a document on "the spirituality of synodality." (NOT making this up.) Two important sentiments emerge:

“It is not enough to have a synod. We must be a synod.”
“The point of entry must always be ‘situatedness’.”
And this image was included in the document. Ponder its self-conscious profundity. It is, as it were, the master key to... "the beyond of the Spirit."

* * *

Give me a second to sort out where we're at with synods right now:

1st Step - To demonstrate our synodality, let's have a synod.

2nd Step - Now we need a synod on synodality.

3rd Step - Each diocese must have a synod on the synod on synodality.

Current (4th) Step - We are a synod.

Future Steps ?         

        We need a synod on the synod on the synod on the synod on synodality

        All are welcome to be synods

        Trads are not synods

        Synods are synodally significant when synodality has spiritual situatedness

        God is a synod

        There is no salvation outside of synodality

        Synodality has synodally synodified that God has no spiritual situatedness and is unsynoded

        There is no God

        Synodality is the source and summit of our faith

What's that hymn again?


  1. Whatever happened to Evangelium Gaudii and evangelism as the key to the pontificate of Pope Francis I. Whatever happened to the "universal call to holiness" as the key theme of Vatican II. Should the Church sit long hours inside synod meetings on synodality and ignore evangelism, holiness, social outreach, prayer and more? Did the restrictions on Catholic heritage get approved by synods? Will synods be used to divide the Church and overturn our heritage and traditions?


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