Why I'm Leaving the TLM [UPDATED]



Well, today someone tried to grab my hand while praying the Our Father. This person didn't sanitize three times first. I was horrified, and felt unsafe! Needless to say, I will be running back to the TLM. At least there is no hand-holding there. 

See you next April Fool's Day...

* * *

Months in the making for sure. Particularly since Pope Francis' motu proprio which took a fatal shot at the traditional Latin Mass. Agree or disagree. Whatever. What's done is done. The fact is that since last July I've been to just one traditional Latin Mass. It disappeared on me.

God clearly has been calling my family to a different style of worship. Otherwise he would provide the TLM! There are consequences to this. By that I mean, if one is called to a different style of worship, then it is important to embrace it. How else can one find peace?

And so, we are back with the folk music, felt banners, and emphasis on active participation. Only this time everything is different. Because it clearly is the will of God that we be in this setting, something strange has been happening. That is, we've been embracing what is set before us! I never thought I'd say this - God works in mysterious ways - but... sometimes Dan Schutte's music does touch my soul. You could say that his music is, by nature, very happy.

"May our tears be turned into dancing!"

All of this is to say, we no longer attend the TLM. Further, we no longer even consider ourselves to be TLM Catholics. For once we have peace, empathy, and a feeling of brotherhood. We have experienced, as apologist Dave Armstrong aptly commented, a wise decree made "for the sake of Church unity." Amen, Dave.

So I will see you at the next novus ordo Mass. My family and I might not (yet) be holding hands at the Our Father, but we will be singing along with the older folks. With the same zeal and emotion.


  1. I was Fooled by all this stuff back in the 70s. You won't Fool me today!

  2. For the sake of "peace?" Well, using a particular brand of logic I guess we might find peace with the world around us by ditching Christianity all together. I came into the church in 1998 at the age of 51, in part, because the Mass was in English. But the liturgical text was never very inspiring. I'm a writer, so words mean something. TLM is beautiful when and if I understand the text. I had two years of Latin in High School (Lutheran) but I understand little of the TLM that's audible or visible in the Missal. Unfortunately much of the TLM text is not heard, its secret musings hid from the congregation. The dance at the altar has great significance if studied, but it too is mostly hid from those of us gathered to worship. We need an altar cam and a big display to appreciate it all. As obnoxious as that sounds I'll cheer at least for English superscripts above the altar so I know what's going on. Why should the TLM priest be the only one that benefits from the full beauty of the TLM. I will be checking out the Anglican Use Mass if one is near me.

    1. I would suggest you research the historical and theological meaning behind veiling.


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