A Mother's Day Update on Life

It is fitting that, on this Mother's Day, I announce we are expecting our fourth child on August 24, 2019. Now a baby always brings great change into one's life. This upcoming baby, it seems, will amplify this principle.

It is no secret to anyone that we have been seeking out the traditional Latin Mass for quite some time. It is a great spiritual treasure which we yearn for each week. It is also no secret that we would love to live on an acreage near Saskatoon, thereby living in close proximity to such a Mass and, dare I say, actual friends. However, what has held us back is the job situation. There are too many teachers, and too few students.

With this, and many other considerations in mind, Becca and I have decided that I will be taking a parental leave covering half of the upcoming school year. The purpose of the leave will be, of course, to help out around the home. However, it will also provide me with time to learn new skills which hopefully will make it easier to land a teaching job near Saskatoon (such as learning French).

Though the parental leave plan is far from foolproof, we have prayed, crunched numbers, and ultimately made a peaceful decision. The long and short of it is that Becca and I frequently consider how in John's Gospel Jesus does not simply feed the hungry crowd, but first has a little child bring him five loaves and two fish. In other words, He can do great things, but often He requires something out of us first. 

If this little parental leave fails in its goal, so be it. At least we can say we tried. Please say a prayer or two for us!

And on another note, since it is Mother's Day, the kids and I put together a little video for their great and wonderful mother. Enjoy:


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